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Mother's Day

We celebrate this day each year to show our gratitude and appreciation for everything our mothers do for us. A mother’s role is arguably the most challenging there is. Once you become a mother, your whole life changes.

To be a mother is to be selfless, to love unconditionally, to nurture, to encourage, to support, to guide, to teach, to comfort and to forgive. And alongside the never ending daily practical work undertaken by mothers (a list too long and dull to bore you with), they are also the emotional backbone of the family, providing a place for everyone’s feelings. It is not easy, and I can say this because I am a mother and have observed the life of my own mother.

Mother’s Day is not only an opportunity to shower your own mum with love but also a time to reflect on your life as a mother and to acknowledge how much you do for your family and how deserving you are of their love and gratitude.

'Mother's Day' by Lisa Graa Jensen RI

I am not sure how much people know about the origin of Mother’s Day so here are a few interesting facts.

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?

These both have completely different origins but represent the same meaning.  

Mothering Sunday began during the 16th century with a religious purpose. An occasion celebrated by Christians on the fourth Sunday of Lent which is three weeks before Easter Sunday. It was originally a day to give thanks to the Virgin Mary and people would visit their ‘mother’ church with offerings. Over time the celebration at the ‘mother’ church also became a time to give thanks to all mothers and not just to the Mother Mary. Here in the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day on the date of Mothering Sunday, to fit in with the religious calendar.

Mother’s Day came about much later in the USA. It was created by a lady named Anna Jarvis from West Virginia in honour of her late mother. It took her about six years but in 1914 she succeeded in making it an official holiday. Mother’s Day in the US is celebrated each year on the 2nd Sunday in May and has no religious connotations. Most other countries also celebrate Mother’s Day in May.

I have a lovely friend from Brazil who taught me that Mother’s Day is of great importance in Brazilian culture. It is the second biggest holiday of the year (Christmas being the first). The mother is a very important figure and seen as head of the community. Huge preparations take place to celebrate the unfathomable power of mothers! Children will prepare performances at school including presentations, singing and dancing. Families will celebrate with elaborate feasts and restaurants will cater especially for the occasion serving special Mother’s Day treats. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed!

But as we all know, Mother’s Day has become very commercial in most places and there is a growing pressure to spend money on meals out, flowers, gifts etc and perhaps higher expectations from some mothers. In my opinion it is not necessary to overspend because there are plenty of other, more meaningful ways to show that you care. Just being extra kind for the day can be enough! Make time for your mum, allow her to relax and talk to her. Share memories and have a laugh together. Give her a break from the household routine by helping with chores, offering cups of tea, cooking dinner and making her surroundings nice.

It is always nice however to receive a card with some loving words written inside. I'm not just saying this because I am greeting card publisher! Last year my 12-year-old daughter made me a card and what she wrote inside literally fills my heart with warmth and will always make me feel happy.

Choosing a card and writing your own message inside really is an easy way of showing your mum that you care. It doesn’t take much time, it is not expensive, and it can mean the world!

Make sure you let your mum know how much you love her this Mother’s Day.

Thank you for reading!


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