Card of the Month: December - The Splendid Pudding

Since we began publishing Louise Rawlings' work, it has become a firm favourite with our customers. After the success with 'Bruce' in 2018, we were excited to add the charming and hilarious new Christmas pack 'The Splendid Pudding' this year. We are pleased to say it has been very well received, it is clear that we are not the only ones who adore this wonderful Christmas card! 

Louise lives and works in Sutton Coldfield. Most of her ideas originate during her early morning dog walk. She takes her inspiration from the changing seasons and everyday observations of the people and dogs she meets and from her regular trips to the British coastline – North Wales being a particular favourite.

'The Splendid Pudding' by Louise Rawlings

Louise painted The Splendid Pudding in late December 2018, using acrylic and gouache on canvas board. She started painting Border Terriers regularly about three years ago and they became an instant hit. They remain by far her most popular subject matter. Although she doesn't own one herself, she has got two Spanish rescue dogs; Rudy, who is an English Setter, and Emma, a Spaniel mix.

She is constantly inspired by her best friend Wendy's two Border Terriers, Hector and Harvey. She regularly use Wendy's beautiful social media photographs as reference. She also follows a few Border Terrier pages on Instagram!

Louise Rawlings with her dogs Rudy and Emma

We were not surprised to hear that Louise had huge success with her Spring '19 Radley and Friends picture bag. She was delighted to be invited back to work with them on a couple of projects launching early 2020 and Summer 2020. Watch this space! As well as this, she will be supplying her affiliated galleries, including Red Rag Gallery and Mid Cornwall Galleries, with new framed pieces. She will also be keeping her lovely online Etsy shop topped up with affordable and original pieces.

To find out more about Louise and her work, please see the links below:


Etsy shop: LouiseRawlingsArt

Facebook: Louise Rawlings Art 

Instagram: @louiserawlingsartist 

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