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John Duffin

John Duffin is an award winning painter and printmaker, his work is in many public and private collections and his images capture the dynamism and energy of modern city life.

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Suzanne Breakwell

Suzanne adores paper as a medium and loves the beauty and simplicity of creating her pieces from a medium that is so widely used by so many on a daily basis. It’s the potential of paper and what it might become which sparks her imagination.

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Susie Perring

Susie’s graphic design experience has strongly influenced her art. She works exclusively in aquatints for their wonderful tonal contrast and prints with multiple plates, which give velvety textures and rich colours.

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John Tindale

John Tindale is a Northumberland-based fine artist. He likes to create bold, vibrant and textured paintings, whether they be landscapes, flora or forna, introducing a quirkiness to everyday birds and animals.

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Linda Farquharson

Linda Farquharson creates art of whimsical lyricism. Hers is a distinctive graphic style of paired down compositions and delight in pattern making, contrasting the monochrome qualities of relief printmaking with the evocative possibilities of colour.

Based in Highland Perthshire, her work remains infused with the outdoor world and inspiration is never far from her backdoor.

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Mychael Barratt PRE

Mychael Barratt was born in Toronto, Canada but thinks of himself as a Londoner since arriving for what was meant to be a two-week stay twenty years ago.

He has that immigrant’s zeal for his adopted home and his narrative pieces include local settings that have a personal resonance. His work that pilfers from the history of art is humorous but is always done in the spirit of genuine admiration and homage.

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Christopher Corr

Christopher’s work is inspired by his travels and his love for colour. India, New York City and London are his current favourites. He says Indian cows are the most beautiful animals but lions and tigers are a close second.

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Kittie Jones

Kittie Jones’ work is directly inspired by the natural world, in particular British birds. Her work seeks to share with others her experiences in the natural world and to celebrate the rich diversity of British wildlife.

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Robert Greenhalf SWLA

Birds and landscape have always been Robert’s main themes. The starting point is always experiences in the wild, which he attempts to capture on the spot in quick sketches and watercolours. Later in the studio they are used as reference for woodcuts and oils.

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