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Jenny Wheatley NEAC RWS

CardsJenny Wheatley’s paintings give a sense of warmth and vitality, she is seen as one of the most distinctive of watercolourists.

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John Duffin

John Duffin is an award winning painter and printmaker, his work is in many public and private collections and his images capture the dynamism and energy of modern city life.

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Suzanne Breakwell

Suzanne adores paper as a medium and loves the beauty and simplicity of creating her pieces from a medium that is so widely used by so many on a daily basis. It’s the potential of paper and what it might become which sparks her imagination.

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Susie Perring

Susie’s graphic design experience has strongly influenced her art. She works exclusively in aquatints for their wonderful tonal contrast and prints with multiple plates, which give velvety textures and rich colours.

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John Tindale

John Tindale is a Northumberland-based fine artist. He likes to create bold, vibrant and textured paintings, whether they be landscapes, flora or forna, introducing a quirkiness to everyday birds and animals.

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Linda Farquharson

Linda Farquharson creates art of whimsical lyricism. Hers is a distinctive graphic style of paired down compositions and delight in pattern making, contrasting the monochrome qualities of relief printmaking with the evocative possibilities of colour.

Based in Highland Perthshire, her work remains infused with the outdoor world and inspiration is never far from her backdoor.

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Mychael Barratt PRE

Mychael Barratt was born in Toronto, Canada but thinks of himself as a Londoner since arriving for what was meant to be a two-week stay twenty years ago.

He has that immigrant’s zeal for his adopted home and his narrative pieces include local settings that have a personal resonance. His work that pilfers from the history of art is humorous but is always done in the spirit of genuine admiration and homage.

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Melissa Launay

Melissa Launay lives and works in London. Her works are characterised by their luxurious colours and intricate detail. Launay’s paintings explore the themes of curiosity and wonder, conjuring dreamlike spaces into which one can escape. 

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Martin Leman RBA RWS

Cat on the Mat was one of Martin’s first paintings. His iconic cats are mainly commissioned portraits of much loved pets.

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Emily Morgan

Emily takes inspiration from her surroundings, predominantly the landscape and motifs found in nature.

She is fascinated by the subtle patterns and interesting colours created within the natural and man-made world around her.

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Alfred Daniels RBA RWS

Alfred Daniels, known as Danny, had a passion for painting. He was always able to draw out his subjects’particular characters, whether he was painting buildings, people or animals.

His paintings are full of colour and detail and he was once described as a ‘Lowry for Londoners’.

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Rosalind Bliss

Rosalind Bliss, cousin of Ian Bliss is best known for her mural screens, bookplates and wood engravings.

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Barry Wilson

Barry Wilson divides his time between the South Coast and London, inspired by the crumbling architecture and urban decay that punctuates the towns and cities of southern England

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Susan Bower RBA ROI

Susan’s paintings portray an unconventional tableaux of life. Over time she has developed her own painterly interpretation of witty observations from her experience of family life.

Her naive style of painting was influenced originally by fellow Yorkshire artist William Selby, who instructed her for three years enabling her to develop her own individual style.

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Claire Eastgate

Dog portraiture has a long history in art dating back to Queen Victoria. It is the continuation of this tradition that Claire Eastgate is making her mark.

Claire has the ability to capture both representation and character unique to each of her subjects. Her fluid brushwork and careful observation, finished with a classical realism, has elevated her to one of the UK’s foremost portrait painters in canine art.

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Claire Winteringham

Claire Winteringham studied Textile Design at Manchester Met. There, she developed her excellent drawing skills, inspired sense of colour, and love of pattern evident in her highly individual paintings. 

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Jo Oakley

Jo Oakley’s paintings celebrate the domestic world of the home and the objects which are used and cherished within it. They recall memories of watching the ebb and flow of the River Thames viewed from her childhood home in Greenwich.

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Lesley McLaren

Lesley McLaren is a Scottish painter living in the borders and taking her inspiration from her beautiful surroundings. She has a visual feast of rolling hills, moorlands and fields brimming with cattle and sheep, hares and wildflowers, each fully deserving its own portrait.

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Marcel Gatteaux

Since travelling to Provence for the first time in 1991, Marcel has been captivated by the light and colour of the Mediterranean region.  When his paintings started to sell in that year he devoted his time to painting and he has continued to travel frequently to the area for his inspiration.

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Anne Marie Butlin

Many of Anne Marie’s paintings are still-lives with flowers, ceramics, patterned fabrics and various domestic objects in still, calm interiors.

She hopes to convey the character of different flowers and the unique feeling they can create in a space; the strong structures and often the sheer joyfulness of their appearance.

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Liz Ridgway

Liz’s love of narrative painting began with a degree in Art History and Fine Art at CCAT in 1985, exhibiting widely since.  She aims to capture a timeless emotional experience in the faces and aspects of life that she paints.  

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Anthea Craigmyle

Painting has always been an essential element of Anthea’s daily life. The imagery of much of her painting is drawn from childhood memories; neglected churchyards, gardens, and parks she associated with her experiences of the Second World War.

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Patrick Cullen NEAC

Patrick is a painter in oils, pastels and watercolours. He does much of his work en plein air working directly from his subject.  He travels frequently to India and the Mediterranean for inspiration.

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Michael Whittlesea

Michael Whittlesea describes painting as unpredictable, without having a clear vision of the end result he lets whatever develops, just happen.

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Andrew Macara RBA NEAC

Respect for the two dimensions of the picture plane are of great importance to Andrew, he attempts to tread the fine line between the figurative and abstract in order to attain this.

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Heather Pretorius

Heather takes her inspiration from her time spent in South Africa and her love of the African landscape and it’s wildlife.

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Susan Ashworth

Susan’s tabletop paintings are a contemporary interpretation of the classic still life. Dramatically lit and painted in a broad realistic style her work has a refreshing and dynamic spontaneity.

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Ann McCay

Ann McCay uses composition, pattern and colour to infuse her paintings with a narrative and to draw out the personality of the subject.

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Jill Leman RWS RBA

Jill’s starting point for her paintings is colour, her subjects are mainly flowers & still life. 

Her inspiration comes from the garden, bits and bobs of china, scraps of fabric, and little objects collected or inherited over the years.

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Christopher Corr

Christopher’s work is inspired by his travels and his love for colour. India, New York City and London are his current favourites. He says Indian cows are the most beautiful animals but lions and tigers are a close second.

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Kittie Jones

Kittie Jones’ work is directly inspired by the natural world, in particular British birds. Her work seeks to share with others her experiences in the natural world and to celebrate the rich diversity of British wildlife.

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Ian Bliss RI

Born in 1930, Ian Bliss takes inspiration from his family and familiar surroundings, his home, his garden and the field by his house.

His love of fishing as a boy is the creative force behind his sea paintings. His beautiful and imaginative work evolves slowly over weeks and takes on a dream like quality.

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Samere Tansley

Samere’s aesthetic inspiration has been drawn from the visual richness of the Jamaican environment and people and reflects the abundance of the land and the sharp contrasts of light.

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Sue Campion RBA

Sue Campion is a London born artist living and working in Shropshire. Her paintings are vibrant, colourful and atmospheric.

They capture wonderfully the ever changing moods of nature on landscape, from the Shropshire Hills to the warm tones of Southern Europe, from portraits and flowers to animals and birds.

She is a prolific artist and her work is collected worldwide. Her shows in London are eagerly awaited and always a success.

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Christina Holvey

Christina Holvey is drawn towards the haphazard nature of the countryside. She takes inspiration from the people she loves, the birds in her garden and the sheep in the fields beyond.

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Robert Greenhalf SWLA

Birds and landscape have always been Robert’s main themes. The starting point is always experiences in the wild, which he attempts to capture on the spot in quick sketches and watercolours. Later in the studio they are used as reference for woodcuts and oils.

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Alison McWhirter

Alison’s studies of flowers are intimate compositions which evoke a mood through their vibrancy of colour and loose bold brushwork.

Her paintings are instinctive responses to her subject, often mixing paint directly on the canvas, so creating a sense of spontaneity in her work.

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